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Art by MWhite

Painting and photography are things I just must do.  Its like breathing to me.

Hello and welcome,

A little about me, and those who inspire me. I have been painting for about 40 years, and taking photographs for about 35.  I was lucky enough to have one teacher in school who saw talent in me, and encouraged that talent.  Unfortunately when I was in school (100 years ago, lol)  Art was not taught in our local school.  But I kept drawing  and that evolved into painting over the years. I am self taught with the exception of a couple of local workshops I took a few years ago.

 Living a creative life is great fun!

Painting is so exciting! Each canvas offers a new adventure. You can travel to new places and see new things, real or imagined. What fun!

Now I would like to give special thanks to some wonderful photographers, who so graciously agreed to allow me to paint using their photos as reference.

​First is Mr Dennis Penny, who's equine photos are such an inspiration to me, and Mr. Logan Riely, and Mr Steve Perry. You can see their photos by clicking on the Links button above and going to their websites..


It is my hope you will see something here that you enjoy looking at, if so, I have done well.  Feel free to send me feedback via email.​

In order to make art available to everyone, In my store one can order Giclee prints, posters or prints.  If you are interested in an original  just send me an email.