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The Brass frog (c)

I found him in a local antique store, along with the surrounding items. He was too cute not to paint.

2 furlongs to go (c) , painted from photo by Logan Riely.

Yellow (c)

Bid for Glory (c), whom I met while visiting a friend in Newmarket, England

Art by MWhite

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Polo (c)  painted from a photo by Dennis Penny

From my palette:

Original artwork

Living a creative life is great fun!

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Bid for glory. Photographed 2009 in Newmarket, UK (c) copyright

Photo of Paris roof tops. (c) copyright

                 Xo's mask (c)

   painted from photo by Xo

Frog & flower (c)

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Welcome to my fine art studio

Yellow silks (c) 2016

Painted from a photo by Dennis Penny of

Simply red

This painting was originally done for a friend on her 70th birthday.